Nguyen Pham Phuong

Career title: Specialist

Workplace: Biomedical Research Center, Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine

Profession: Public Health.



Nguyen Pham Phuong graduated with a major in Public Health from Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University and is currently working at the Medical Testing Center under the University’s new Medical Cluster Project in Tan Kien, Binh Chanh.

With the knowledge accumulated in the process of studying and researching, he hopes to be able to apply the theoretical knowledge in school to practice, wishing to improve public health from and improve the quality of life. people’s quality of life.

However, the society is increasingly emerging non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cancer … as well as dangerous diseases transmitted in the community such as COVID-19 epidemic. But if each person’s health consciousness is improved thanks to health education and communication activities as well as early disease screening tools that are developed and are increasingly popular and effective, serious diseases in the world will be decreased more and more.

Thereby contributing to the creation of a society where everyone enjoys health care facilities and limits the risk of disease in the community. Constantly trying to exchange skills, improving himself is the way for him to realize his small goal.



  1. Name: Building tools to help diagnose 10 types of cancer in Vietnam based on clinical epidemiology and liquid biopsies.
    Level (National, Ministrial, Provincinal, Grassroots):Ministry
    Role of participant: Collaborator
    Start/End year: 06/2021 – present
  2. Name: Vietnam Osteoporosis Study
    Level (National, Ministrial, Provincinal, Grassroots): Office international of affairs
    Role of participant: Collaborator
    Start/End year: 2021 – present
  3. Name: Talaromyces infections: an investigation of diagnostic methods and the correlation of fungal exposure with the presence of fungi in the environment.
    Level (National, Ministrial, Provincinal, Grassroots): Office international of affairs
    Role of participant:Researcher
    Start/End year: 2022-2027