Talaromyces marneffei (Tm) ?

Talaromycosis (formerly penicilliosis) is a life-threatening invasive fungal infection caused by the dimorphic fungus Talaromyces marneffei (Tm) that is endemic in countries of Southeast Asia and is one of seven endemic mycoses of medical importance. Even with antifungal therapy, one in three patients die because the diagnosis is often made too late for the antifungal drugs to work.

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To conduct the first-ever community-based seroprevalence and air and soil sampling study to determine the link between airborne exposure and highland geography to human disease.

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Ode to the TMRC for Talaromycosis

In whispers of wind, a silent threat,
Talaromyces marneffei, a fungal silhouette
Once Penicillium, a name now recast,
A pathogen lurking, a shadow amassed.

In Southeast Asia’s embrace it resides,
Where bamboo whispers and the jungle confides.
A dimorphic dance, from mold unto yeast,
In lung’s tender tissues, a cunning beast.

It waits for the moment, the immune system frayed,
HIV’s cruel grip, a defense decayed.
Then spores take their flight, on currents unseen,
Inhaled and insidious, a fungal machine.

Fevers erupt, and cough wracks the chest,
Weight loss and weakness, a body distressed.
Skin breaks in lesions, a map of the fight,
A battle unseen, in the body’s dim light.

But science stands ready, with weapons in hand,
Antifungal warriors, TMRC Vietnam medical band.
Early detection, the key to success,
To quell the fungus, and bring back wellness.

So heed the warnings, in regions of risk,
For though unseen, dangers can exist.
Let knowledge be armor, awareness a shield,
Against Talaromyces, in the battlefield.