Within the framework of the business trip of Associate Professor. Le Thuy in Vietnam, at 9:30 a.m, June 15, 2023; TMRM members include Associate Professor. Thuy; Associate Professor. Dr. Ngo Thi Hoa, a member of the lab team, field team, admin team and data management team, was present at PNTUM to attend the meeting with Associate Professor. Nguyen Thanh Hiep – Rector of PNTUM.

The members of the research team took turns introducing themselves and their roles in the project to Associate Professor Hiep to create a bond between the research team and the Rector. Associate Professor. Thuy and Associate Professor. Hoa presented the advantages and disadvantages as well as proposed the problems being encountered with Associate Professor. Hiep.

At the same time, the research team also presented additional projects that may cooperate in the future with PNTUM. From the experiences of the current project, Associate Professor. Hiep has proposed many measures to speed up processes and procedures for future international cooperation projects.

During the meeting, many issues were resolved such as restructuring staff appropriately and finding solutions to increase resources participating in the project. Further strengthen the relationship between the research team and PNTUM. As well as the relationship between PNTUM and Duke University (USA).

At the end of the meeting, the research group members had lunch together to create solidarity and exchange among members.

Some pictures of the meeting:

Figure 1. The research team discussed with the Rector of the PMTUM

Figure 2. The Rector awarded the medal to Associate Professor. Thuy

Figure 3. The research team took souvenir photos with Associate Professor. Hiep

Figure 4. The research team had lunch together after the meeting